ANS Energy

What is i2PO?

i2PO is a managed service combining well/plant monitoring, production optimisation, production operations and the integration of software applications for improving well and field performance.

It is based on:

  • A continuous loop of Measurement, Modeling, Analysis, Improvement.
  • Visualizing and delivering information on time and in formats that integrate and improve technical and business workflows.
  • Uses OVS© workflow configurator as the integration platform

Wireless Monitoring

In remote, low cost or mature fields, wireless monitoring provides a cost effective inputs to the i2PO service. The wireless measurement hardware and services that can be provided by us.

Wireless Monitoring services consist of:

  • P, T, dP sensors deployed on well heads, flow lines, tanks
  • Data transmitted wirelessly to central hub
  • Flexibility in data delivery – radios, GSM, satellite
  • Data integration into client system (SCADA, Historian) or stand alone

Benefits and Value


  • Up to 5% sustainable production gains through continuous production optimisation
  • 3-5% reserves increase
  • 30 – 50% personnel efficiency improvements

Wireless Monitoring

  • Low cost real time monitoring of wells
  • Cost effective for mature fields with low production wells
  • New or replacement instrumentation on facilities

  • Lower cost – no need for wiring particularly on platforms
  • Range of measurement calibrated to existing process conditions
  • Replacement measurement for failed downhole well instrumentation.
  • High cost of intervention to pull completion and replace PDHGs